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Pindify is a blockchain based online market platform for providers of music, art & media.

Pindify aims to become the “Amazon” of music, arts & media. Providers can open their stores (portfolios) on the Pindify market and earn revenues on content and relations - even more than they can earn on YouTube or Spotify.

Pindify’s token Pindex (PDI) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Providers, subscribers and business will be incentivized to use Pindex as a primary currency on the Pindify marketplace for subscription, trading, funding and branding.

Because of the projected size of the platform, we anticipate an exponential growth of the Pindex demand curve.

The platform has already got the attention of major brands, labels and names who are lining up to get onboard.

Pindify is scaling up and going global and will not rest until at least 300,000 providers earn $3000 per month.

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The Pindex tokensale has succesfully ended on February 20, 2018

A total of 40,777,401 tokens have been distributed.


“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”
—Vincent Van Gogh

Passion surely makes us feel alive and adds some purpose to our short lives we live. Committing to a purpose or a passion set by others, usually leads to regret and despair. Personally evolved passion via hobbies and pastimes is the purpose worth chasing. Collective energy of music, arts and media is our passion, and our purpose is to help you to make a living out of yours.

How fans finally get to interact with their favourite artists

Meet founder Christoffer ”Stoffe” Wallin and hear his story

The Story of Pindify.

We wanted a place where we could share our art with our peers and our fans. We even dreamed of a place where we could actually earn a decent living from our art, a regular income from our 'content'. A place where we could promote, sell and market our own art ourselves and be rewarded, or, maybe even let others market it for us. Through intelligent, mutually beneficial partnerships and through our support networks, both businesses, fans and peers, we wanted a place to unite and, where they get rewarded too!


The day we realized that such a place didn't exist, is the day Pindify was born. We built what we, as artists, wanted. A place to share, and earn from, our art.

But how would this new 'place' be funded? What would it look like? How could it be described?


A marketplace for creatives and the networks that support them. That includes their influencers (such as bloggers, journalists, media outlets (large and small), and their labels, publishers, managers, etc. And of course, their fans and supporters. The 'consumers' of their art. The 'subscribers'.

At Pindify, we realised we needed to connect artists with their networks through an online social network to organize their art, and also, earn from it. This social network platform had to be trustworthy and have our members' best interests in mind. Again, before Pindify, such a place did not exist. It exists now.

Pindify is a trustworthy platform built exclusively for artists to connect and earn directly with the Arts & Media world.

Pindify’s market-platform liberates providers of arts & media to publish, distribute and monetize directly on subscription from existing or new supporters. Providers such as creators, contributors, curators, managers, agents, labels, media houses and publishers can finally have one place where they can gather both social and professional digital content.

Providers can join together or separately earn from both portfolio-revenue and content revenue. All arts & media can then be discovered, organized and consumed by subscribers on the market, home or on portfolios via our web service and mobile applications.



Pindify aims to create a symbiosis for merchants, businesses and enterprises of arts & media to coexist with consumers and free users as any commercial centers. Pindify’s market allows you to be social, promotional and professional.

Pindify charge you for membership instead of ”rent” and instead of ”cash” Pindify built a unique, secure and efficient subscription distribution system to handle consumption, followers and invites.

Pindify charge you for membership instead of ”rent” and instead of ”cash” Pindify built a unique, secure and efficient subscription distribution system to handle consumption, followers and invites.
If you promote, represent or broadcast, perhaps as an agency, marketer, publisher, magazine or radiostation, you should consider becoming a business of arts & media.
If you create, produce, entertain or influence perhaps as a musician, artist, podcaster, journalist or a blogger you should consider becoming a merchant of arts & media.

Pindify Experience



Our direct-to-consumer market service will empower relationships, provide revenue and nurture the very premise of what the arts & media are. Blockchain will secure identity, authority, trusted payments, ownership and user rights. Pindify is not just another evolutionary social network, but a revolutionary marketplace for all providers of the arts & media. Pindify’s goal is to ensure all of our Providers earn a good and decent monthly revenue from their Subscribers.



The Pindify product is an innovative Market Network System, combining the best of marketplaces, social networks and portfolios to address the needs of tomorrow’s Providers and Subscribers of arts & media. Benefits include delegation of direct subscriptions, facilitating shared ownership of rights and protections, curating content and payments made and secured.Pindify acquires 9% of all subscription and 40% of total membership fee as revenue.



The blockchain technology gives many possibilities for the registration and distribution of intellectual property, including transactions without intermediaries. The power of attorney combined with the decentralized distribution of digital content, creates a new paradigm shift in the era of digital management culture. The blockchain technology and smart contracts can ensure user verification, registration and certification of copyrights and intellectual property. Payments,and transactions are secured by offering a transparent and innovative online marketplace.



Providers such as creators (musicians/writers/creatives), influencers (radio/magazines) and businesses (labels/publishers) within the arts & media sector, can access and pursue opportunities through Pindify that are outside traditional promotional and distribution channels, available elsewhere today. Pindify incentivises Ambassadors to invite their network of clients, by giving them a portion of the membership fee to invite clients (Providers) and a small percentage from their invited clients’ customers (Subscribers).



Consumers today have far greater varieties of content to choose from, available 24/7, delivered through increasingly more services and devices. Instead of using many different applications and devices, Pindify offers all categories in one ‘full-stack’ environment. More importantly, Providers are incentivised to earn revenue by inviting their existing fans to become Subscribers, with engaging relationships, personalized communities and exclusive material or events. This will allow Pindify’s marketplace to grow organically from within, in addition to external influences and referrals.

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Pindify is fully functional and able to support and host the marketplace.
The road map below is an indication of ongoing development,
as we add additional functions, features and tools.
Latest updates will be posted on our Telegram channel and Bitcointalk topic.

Ver. Est. Codename Features
2.5 Q1, 2017 Foxtrot Secure all connections from & to our applications.
3.0 Q2, 2017 Nokia Android, iOS, ReactJS Native mobile applications.
3.1 Q2, 2017 Porsche Update ReactJS optimize load, SEO & responsiveness.
3.2 Q3, 2017 Fort Knox Secure platform, publication, admin, token & blockchain.
3.5 Q3, 2017 Manage Portfolios, Settings, Payments, Members, & Analytics.
3.7 Q4, 2017 Storefront Display portfolio, discovery, stash, live chat, & clusters.
4.0 Q4, 2017 Eagle Eye New workload stream, preload & Web Rtc livestream.
4.1 Q1, 2018 Calculator Update karma, analytics, consumption, & earnings.
4.2 Q1, 2018 Go Fish Matching content, portfolios, geography & preferences.
4.5 Q2, 2018 Costco Trading content such as tickets, downloads, & merch.
4.7 Q3, 2018 Alexandria Library of lists, radio, exclusive albums, ebooks.
5.0 Q2, 2019 Robin Hood Artistes Funding events, hiring & investments.
4.2 Q3, 2019 Nascar Branding with matching affiliation with market segments.

Funding Allocations









Token distribution:

80% of tokens were made available to the public with no restrictions.

20% was retained by pindify for internal distribution with a 12 months lock-in period.

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How artists can make a living from their passion

Getting Started

How To Buy Pindex tokens

You can buy Pindex (PDI) at the following exchanges.

Pindex token information

Contract Address:

Token Symbol:


Available Supply
40,777,401 / 60,527,401 PDI


Christoffer Bolinder Wallin
Chief Executive Officer

Pindify was founded by artist, economist and developer Christoffer Wallin in 2011 as Jamclouds. Between 2007 and 2011, Christoffer served as a Developer and Project manager at BTS; a global leader in building strategy alignment and execution through the use of business simulations and experiential learning programs for blue chip companies worldwide. Christoffer is an active musician, prolific songwriter, and previously a lead singer for five different rock bands. In 2004, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics with Honors of Highest Distinction from University of Utah and minored in Business Marketing at David Eccles School of Business. In 2000, he received the Green Beret from the Swedish Airborne Rangers, K3.

Johan Lindgren
Chief Operation Officer

Former product manager at the US record company MCA’s Swedish office in the early 1990s. MCA then became Universal Music, where the role of Marketing Director topped a 17-year-long victory. After a few years as a consultant in the music industry, 5 years was spent as the marketing director at Sony Music. Now he has just assumed the role of General Manager at our digital marketplace Pindify. Johan’s enormous network of labels, publishers, artists, producers and media is a true driver for Pindify’s future relations.

Oskar Gillström
Chief Commercial Officer

Oskar’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of executive sales meetings, conferences and event production. He is experienced in organising events for governments and companies across the globe. Oskar joined Pindify in 2015 after foreseeing the immense possibilities of building a powerful international sales group of General Agents and Ambassadors for Pindify.

Pavlo Shabat
Chief Technical Officer

Pavlo is leading our growing development team and managing the rollout of our web and mobile applications and c ustomized IT infrastructure. He has over 11 years experience in web development and systems integration, leading teams in major tech industries such as e-commerce with companies like Shopify. Pavlo manages a specialised IT team consisting of 4 senior Ruby developers, 1 QA/Project Manager, 2 iOS and 2 Android developers, 1 UI/layout and 1 designer, with additional developers close by, ready to scale up.

Mikael Friberg
Chief Marketing Officer

Being the Creative Director at Svenska Spel (the largest games & entertainment gambling company in Sweden) and having his own operations, RAF and then Grand, since 1985. Micke first graduated from Bergh’s School of Communication, and became a respected senior adviser in marketing departments at companies around the world. Today Pindify has the great privilege of having Micke formalizing Pindify’s marketing strategy and strengthening our brand to create and a clear roadmap forward for our clients and their customers.

Sara Öhman
Chief Social Officer

Sarah is in charge of our clients’ digital communication strategies such as content marketing, social media & community management, e-mail marketing and newsletter tactics. Owner of one of Swedens most popular blog about social media. Former Brand activation manager of Sportamore and Zaark. She truly makes social media efficient.

Sebastian Uddén
Chief Investment Officer

After completing his studies at KTH in 1999, has Sebastian worked in sales and business development within the financial industry. His career over the years has been founder of Nordic Cross Managment, Senior Sales at Catella Fund Management and Senior VP of Auda Advisor Associates. Sebastian has the knowledge and experience of most asset classes. Sebastian’s experience is a perfect fit for Pindify’s alternative investment opportunities.

Tomas Wallin
Chief Financial Officer

Tomas is in charge of Pindify’s business administration and all financials. Tomas is a serial-entrepreneur. He has started and operated several companies in Europe, the US and the far East. Tomas has corporate industry experience that ranges from Telecommunications, Broadcast Media, Hotels, Travel Industry, Accounting Services through to Construction.

Mathias Mattsson
Chief Design Officer

Mathias spent 5 years working at the reputable advertising agency DDB. Prior to that he was Head of Communicative Design at Eton, a leading global shirtmaker. He has also been the Director of Design at Grau Design Agency in Stockholm, that creates exciting and useful design solutions for clients such as SEB, Vattenfall, Bukowskis, Swedavia and Storytel. We are amazed by the extensive digital design and attention to detail Mathias has infused into Pindify’s products, which align perfectly with the services we are offering the market.


Antoun Toubia
Investor & Chairman, United Capital Investments

Antoun is an investment services professional with years of experience in Private Equity investments, venture capital and Blockchain Technology. He is currently building a new type of Private Equity Portfolio Fund based on the Blockchain technology and has already secured several project agreements including government backed contracts. Through his extensive network, he is bringing high value projects to the ICO market. Antoun brings expertise in JV negotiations, acquisitions, ICOs and venture financing deals. His portfolio currently includes diversified projects across several markets including Fintech, Green Energy, medical technology, industrial technology and IT.

Jason Butcher
COO & Founder, Coinpayments & Parallel Payments

A seasoned professional with over two decades of hands on experience starting business with the last 10 years in the electronic payments, fintech, and financial markets. Specializing in entrepreneurship, business development and creating connections Jason strives to bring individuals, markets and opportunities together on a global level. Priding himself on his keen abilities as a solution and problem solver, Jason enjoys mentoring fellow entrepreneurs and advises local and international startups. Jason is the COO of CoinPayments.Net and is the founder of Parallel Payments. He is an active member of the Blockchain association of Canada and the fintech advisor for the National Crowdfunding association of Canada. He contributes to many entrepreneurs as a mentor and is an advisor to several organizations raising capital through ICO's and traditional financing.

Ian Scarffe
Founder & Investor,

Ian Scarffe is a serial Entrepreneur, investor and consultant and his experiences in the business world have allowed him valuable insight into every working aspect of an organisation and the minds of millions of customers. His business talents and intuition have earned him so much respect that he was elected by the world's foremost business leaders for various board positions of the Entrepreneurs' Organisation. Founded in 1987, EO is the catalyst that enables leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow, leading to greater success in business and beyond. With more than 10,000 members worldwide in approximately 143 chapters and 46 countries, and total sale of more than US$536 billion. In 2013, Ian became involved in the Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries. Co-Founded a number of Blockchain related companies and is a member of a number of Blockchain associations and advisory boards. Ian is an ambassador and advocate for a number of non-profit and humanitarian initiatives. Ian founded Binkplus a startup incubator in Europe and now focuses on the blockchain industry, and offers advising, consulting services and connections to blockchain experts.

Benjamin Theobald
Co-Founder & Investor, ICO Global

Benjamin is a serial entrepreneur of British-Dutch origin. He started his first company in 2003 at the age of 23 and has been active around the world with successful projects leading to the sale of iGo Inc. (NASDQ) listed in 2010. During the last 2 years Ben has been proactive in the crypto currency market creating ICO Global with partner Michiel Triebert. After helping to commercialize several successful projects, ICO Global have joined Pindify as hands-on advisors.


  • Is there an ICO pre-sale for Pindify?

    There is a soft launch pre-sale for invited, private networks. The pre-sale starts on October 1st, 2017.

  • How can I participate?

    Click on the PINDIFY ROCKS INVEST NOW button and follow the steps.

  • How are funds from the ICO going to be used?

    As Pindify is already an operational company and the platform is live, all money raised by selling tokens is utilized immediately and without restriction for the continued development, scaling up and growth of the project globally. Please see the fund allocations indications on the token sales page and the white paper.

  • How long does it take to receive my tokens?

    We aim to distribute the tokens within 36 hours after purchase. This means that you could receive your tokens within 1 hour or up to 36 hours depending on the queue at the time of your purchase.

  • Will Pindify have a counter measure against possible dumping?

    Pindify will have a structure for “buy support” to offset dumping up to a certain limit. Pindify will set aside up to 15% of the funds for ‘’buy support’’.

  • How many tokens will be made available in total?

    255 million tokens will be made available in total.
    200 million tokens will be made available for sale.
    35 million tokens will be allocated for bonuses.
    20 million tokens will be allocated to the Pindify management team with a lock-in period of 12 months.

  • What will be the token price and bonuses during the ICO?

    Minimum purchase is 0.5 ETH. There is no maximum or limitation on the number of Pindify Tokens a participant can purchase.
    Each block of 50 million tokens will have bonus tokens awarded.
    1st block: Minimum purchase: 0.5 ETH. Receive 1000 Pindify plus 25% bonus
    2nd block: Minimum purchase: 0.5 ETH. Receive 900 Pindify plus 20% bonus
    3rd block: Minimum purchase: 0.5 ETH. Receive 800 Pindify plus 15% bonus
    4th block: Minimum purchase: 0.5 ETH. Receive 700 Pindify plus 10% bonus

  • Are funds withheld until milestones are reached?

    No. All money collected is put to work immediately. Pindify has already surpassed the proof of concept phase and is in the scaling up, rapid growth phase now. Having milestones or restrictions on a project in this period of growth is counterproductive to the project.

  • Are there any limits or restrictions during the pre-sale?

    There are no limits or restrictions.

  • What will happen to any unsold tokens at the end of the ICO?

    Any unsold tokens at the end of the ICO will be destroyed.

  • Will Pindify issue more tokens in later stages?

    Pindify has no plans to issue more tokens or conduct a 2nd round ICO.

  • Where and when can I sell my tokens?

    Pindify will aim to list the tokens on at least one major exchange platform ASAP after the ICO ends.